Date: 03.04.2018

 With the gathering using the slogan “Take action!”, we announced that the 2018 Entrepreneurship Program will start in May.

A new term for BizBizze, which brings together entrepreneur, professional and volunteer women who say “I want to be useful” started with the gathering took place on April 3 at Joint idea with the slogan of “Take action!”. Women who participated in BizBizze’s 2017 programs, and also BizBizze’s volunteer trainers, coaches, mentors and consultants attended the meeting. Many guests from the business world who believe in the power of women did not leave BizBizze women alone in this meeting.

Entrepreneurship Program Starts in May

At the meeting, it was announced that the Entrepreneurship Program, which is organized for entrepreneur candidates and women who have an venture but want to strengthen their business, can be applied on www.bizbizze.com as of April 4th. BizBizze 2018 Entrepreneurship Program, which includes training, coaching, mentoring, consulting and guidance services, will be implemented by expert volunteer instructors, coaches and volunteer mentors and consultants who support the program in cooperation with ICF Turkey. Professionals from the business and entrepreneurship world will be able to bring their knowledge and experience together with women who want to be put into life under the roof of BizBizze.

Become a Member of Bizbizze for Activities to Empower Women

The opening speech of the event was made by our Association President Özden Anık Tekir. In her speech, Özden Anık Tekir stated that BizBizze set out with the aim of becoming an organization where women who want to establish and develop their own business and take part in active business life will support each other, and that they aim to spread the activities that started in Istanbul throughout the country through centers to be opened in time.

Then Vice President of the Association, Berrak Kutsoy, talked about the achievements of BizBizze in 2017. Kutsoy said that in 2017 BizBizze gave 74.5 hours of training to 103 women participating in the BizBizze Entrepreneurship program and 54 hours of training to 100 women participating in the Employment Program. Kutsoy stated that 37 women who participated in the programs started their businesses and 48 women found jobs, and that entrepreneurs who are still looking for a job or making a business plan continue to benefit from the Bizbizze Network.

Berrak Kutsoy invited İbrahim Betil, who was a member of the advisory board in BizBizze’s first term and is still a member of the BizBizze Supervisory Board, to speak. Betil, one of the respected figures in the Turkish civil society world, pointed out that equality and empowerment of women is important for a more livable country and the world, and noted that he also values BizBizze for this reason.

The meeting then continued with a panel moderated by Neşen Yücel, a member of the Board of Directors of BizBizze and one of the founders of Stage-Co, in which entrepreneurial women who benefited from the support offered by Bizbizze in the previous year described their own entrepreneurial adventures. Gözde Şekercioğlu, founder of the Önemsiyoruz Social Initiative, Selin Akçakaya, co-founder of Ladybirdlist and Liliwear and founder of the Village Schools Exchange Network (KODA) Social Initiative, and Toobeto Social Platform founder Tugba Ensari were the speakers.

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