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BizBizze Collective: Introduce your enterprise, find your business partners, start working together

BizBizze Collective is launched by Associaton of Idea and Support for Women with the aim to bring women entrepreneurs together under the same roof. This website which includes members of BizBizze Association and entrepreneurs participating in BizBizze programs aims to increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs  who are BizBizze members on digital platforms, to create a potential business partnership between BizBizze members nad entrepreneurs,  and to bring them together with stakeholders in becoming an investment/supplier or dealer.


The Guidance Program is offered to program participating women as a first step service on specified dates

To increase the personal development and management skills of the participants

Coaching programs are conducted in cooperation with the Coaching Federation, ICF Turkey

Program participants are offered 6 sessions of one-to-one mentoring support.

Participants can get information on the subjects they need by meeting with BizBizze volunteer consultants.


Entrepreneurship Program

It is a program attended by women who want to start their own business or expand their existing business.

You can receive training, guidance, mentoring and coaching services. Thus, you can take your steps firmly and safely when you establish your own business.

5 Steps to Work With BizBizze Program

It is a program attended by women who want to work in an institution.

You can get job finding training, consultancy-coaching, and share experiences with women on the same path as you. You can take your steps confidently in your new job.



Being a member of BizBizze or as a volunteer, you can support the activities we carry out to ensure that women take part in working life and social life more powerfully and effectively.

To contact us, you can send an e-mail to