The training program planned for women who want to develop a business idea, start a business or improve their established business, as well as providing information, aims to increase the participant’s personal development and management skills, and to be a facilitator in transforming their capacity into action.

The content of the training program is designed every year according to the needs of the participants. All of the courses offered within the BizBizze Training Program are given by instructors who are experts in their subjects.



The Guidance Program is offered to program participant women as a first-step service between the specified dates, initially to determine the competencies and needs of the participant.


This service is carried out in cooperation with Assess Human Resources Assessment and Consultancy, the solution partner of our project.

With the one-on-one guidance meeting held by the First Step Team, development points are determined between what women have and their goals.

Before the interviews, the participant is expected to apply the tests determined by BizBizze and delivered to the participants. The results of the tests are evaluated with the participant during a one-on-one guidance interview.


In addition to providing information, the training programs designed within the scope of the programs aim to increase the personal development and management skills of the participant and to be a facilitator in turning their capacity into action.

The content of the training program is designed every year according to the needs of the participants. All of the courses offered within the BizBizze Training Program are given by instructors who are experts in their subjects.


Coaching services are presented to participants within the scope of our programs.

Coaching Program is conducted in cooperation with the Coaching Federation, ICF Turkey, the solution partner of the project.

The values that coaching service will add within the BizBizze COACHING Program:

To enable the participants to look at the difficulties in their lives from different and new angles, to improve their decision-making skills, to ensure efficiency in interpersonal relationships and to increase trust. Coaching Service does not just stop there; in the lives of those who started and continue to receive coaching, a significant improvement has been observed in issues such as productivity, satisfaction in life and job, and achievement of relevant goals. Professional coaching maximizes the potential of the person and thus unlocks hidden productivity resources.

Period and Type of COACHING Service:  4 (four) meetings are held between the participant who continues the BizBizze program and her coach.

Preparations before BizBizze Coaching Service :ICF Turkey, a solution partner of the BizBizze project, provides coaching service information training to consultants. The Coaching Information Training Program covers the functioning of the relationship between the coach and the consultant and the characteristics of the program stages and the transfer of points to be considered for the safety of the program.


Program participants are offered 6 sessions of one-to-one mentoring support.

BizBizze MENTORING program aims to support MENTEES on the following topics:

    • Getting to know yourself, being able to evaluate options,
    • Raising awareness and receiving feedback,
    • Setting goals for the business idea,
    • Developing relationships and expanding the relationship network,
    • Gaining a strategic perspective,
    • Creating a personal life/work balance,
    • Increasing the personal motivation and perseverance,
    • Clarifying her search for work and career and
    • Supporting against difficulties in the transition to business life.

     Period and Type of Mentoring Service: Within the scope of the program, 6 (six) meetings are provided between the mentee and the mentor who is matched with her.

    Meeting place: Mentor and mentee mutually decide the place and time of the meeting.

    Preparations before BizBizze Mentoring Service: 

     Mentoring Program Information Seminars are organized for mentors and mentees separately. It covers the characteristics of the Mentor-Mentee relationship, the functioning of the program and the relationship and the characteristics of the stages, the transfer of points to be considered for the security of the program.


Participants of BizBizze programs can meet with BizBizze volunteer consultants on different topics such as Law, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Business, Corporate Communication, financial consultancy and get information on the issues they need.

Consultation meetings are held at the request of the participants by meeting the appropriate consultant and the counselee on the appropriate subject through the BizBizze team.

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